1.01 Introduction to coding

Aim: To give you an introduction to coding and to introduce some main topics relating to writing code.

Topics Covered:

  • What is code, coding, programming and software development?
  • Why do we develop code?
  • Who can develop code?

Software Development

Software development is the process of producing and maintaining applications, code libraries and frameworks. This often includes many different phases such as Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Documentation, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance (including Bug Fixing and Expansion of Functionality). While we will touch on most of these, the main focus of this website is on Development and Code Maintenance.

Coding, developing and programming are all names given to the process of writing and maintaining code.

What is code?

Code is what we use to instruct a computer on what to do and when.

Computers are very good at performing simple calculations, placing data into memory and retrieving data from memory. Most humans are not so good at working in this way. Breaking down every problem into this level of instruction would be arduous and slow. While working in this way is occasionally necessary it can generally be avoided.

Programming languages bridge the gap between humans and machines allowing a developer to produce (relatively) human-friendly code, that the computer can convert into machine-friendly instructions.

Reasons for coding

Generally we code to solve problems. In our lifetime, we have seen many changes to our working and home lives due to clever use of computers. These changes are taking place at such a speed that they are now anticipated and billions are spent world wide by companies trying to be ahead of the next big development.

Coding is a chance to make a real difference to people’s lives. Not least you own… whether it is earning satisfaction, prestige and/or consultancy money from Open Source Development (we will discuss this topic later), a reasonably salary from a good job that pays the bills, or fame and fortune from the next big idea, there is plenty of opportunity out there for coders.

Personally, I code because I love to solve problems with a combination of creativity and determination. The satisfaction from looking at something you have developed and seeing it work well is immense.

Who can develop code?

To put it bluntly… you can!

If you want to learn and you are willing to, then keep reading, searching and trying things out and you will find yourself coding in no time.


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